GraceNote Worship Music

songs by michael harrison

About this ministry...


For several years, I've had the desire to freely distribute my original music. In this new season of writing and recording, that desire has come to be, thanks to the Lord's faithfulness and your prayer and financial support. Thank you!


About me...


Growing up, I was a drummer... marching band, jazz band, concert band, wedding bands, even a circus band! You name it, I probably played in it.


In the midst of all that drumming, I encountered the person of Jesus Christ in a personal way, and my life changed.


And so did my musical focus.


I taught myself basic guitar and learned to lead worship in various young adult settings.


At the turn of the century, I wrote and produced three worship CDs: New Creation (1997), Spirit of Fire featuring Greg Walton (2000), and Standin' On the Rock Catholic Kids CD (2005).


But in subsequent years, my songwriting and recording took a back seat to living life as a husband and father with a day job.


My wife and I became active in the Brothers and Sisters of Charity Domestic, where I continued leading live worship. And while I wrote and recorded a new song now and then, my inner songwriter/producer was hibernating, waiting for a new season.


Fast forward to the end of 2020… our kids were grown, and the Lord called my wife and I out of suburban work and life to volunteer and reside full time at Little Portion Hermitage and Monastery in rural NW Arkansas, monastic home of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity.


Since then, the Holy Spirit has inspired many new songs, as well as the desire to recover unrecorded songs from years past: a considerable accumulating backlog.


A new season of writing and recording original worship music is here... songs inspired by that ongoing encounter with Jesus Christ.


Some are lively, others are introspective. Some have complex instrumentation, others are very simple. Some were written years ago, others newly inspired.


Like all those musical influences when I was growing up, these songs reflect an eclectic blend of styles that will hopefully lead listeners to a deeper encounter with the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


I hope this music enlivens your spirit... if you find it fruitful, please share it with others, and consider supporting this ministry.


Thank you, and blessings and peace in Christ!